Entrance Gate

Entrance Gate
This has been an interesting month for me. Like anything related to the wheel ~ something simple lead to a month of learning.

In all the positions of traveling the wheel , the entrance I have never considered a position.

I was wrong. Just as my four poles outside the perimeter, I learned a lot from , this past month I have learned from the entrance.
As my group of friends know, I have not been very active in writing or doing anything these past few years.

Last year I had wonderful people come one day and try to tackle the overgrowth. I am very grateful they did so.

I then had a very difficult summer last year, and things got on the back burner again. A year has gone by, problems have righted, and I have pulled up my sleeves to get back into what I love.

So, I started clearing the entrance to the wheel. It’s at the East gate. The two guardians Nandi and the winged lion were buried in the overgrowth.

I pulled up the briars, the kudzu vines, the thick grass, the leaves, the weeds and things obstructing the path.

Then – this happened – removing obstacles from my path – cleared my path. I had some of my personal issues right themselves. Not before coming to a head and being full blown out issues.

I had friends that I haven’t talked to in years contact me .

I had things from my past , things from my present, burst forth.

I opened up the gate in my life by removing the obstacles.
However, it wasn’t just opening a gate . It opened up a flood gate. Things that have been penned up for so long came rushing out.

It was overwhelming the chaos that ensued.
Now, the debris has cleared. A good flow is maintained , my duality has become whole.

As a river being reunited with the ocean I am relieved and happy.
This also got me reading about gates – and entrances to sacred circles. I have had talks about this before. As in a pagan Circle, they have both the east and west gate open – so I asked, why? They have an incoming and outgoing door for their spirits.
In the sacred hoop – it is in the East. I have always had mine in the East, that’s what I was taught years ago.

I came across some UK girl that wrote that hers was in the south – and that the Eastgate was only for the elders. She said using the East gate was a no-no.

Um, no.

There is no right or wrong way to travel The wheel. When doing ceremony – I use the East gate – and walk around the enclosed circle that represents that – we are all connected.

For teachings – say for brown bear – and the southern quadrant – I will enter the South gate. Telling someone – that anything that they are doing to learn and travel the wheel is wrong – is the no-no.

If she wants to just use the Southgate then that is what she can do for her wheel, but don’t tell someone else that their way is wrong.
At my gate I have two garden statues. One is the Nandi bull which is the white bull from Hindi. In all cultures the white bull is sacred. There are four, Nandi, Apis, The White Buffalo, and the White bull that guards the gate of Eden.

The other statue is the other gaurdian of Eden which is the Cherubim – the Winged Lion.
All of these have their own sacred teachings.
To sum up, in order to have your life flow, you need to get rid of obstacles.