Budding Trees Moon color is dandelion yellow.

“Having yellow in your surroundings can help you have greater intellectual acuity, more receptivity to inspiration , a feeling of overall well-being and happiness with other people.” – Sunbear

My Musings….

I decided a week ago to paint one wall , the east wall. In my bedroom yellow. A nice..yellow yellow.

Then paint or place bluebirds on the wall.

I had picked in the bluebird of happiness, in this position of my wheel.

Today is the first day I had to go look at paint cards.

I found out something about yellow today.

It takes on the color it is near.
This is making picking the paint harder than it should be!

I’m an artist. I have never noticed before the absorption of color before.

If it is near blue it gets a gray tint, or more golden rod color.
Be like yellow..surround yourself with the qualities you want for happiness.

I need to ponder this lesson. ~~ Imbrium